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Happy Birthday Luhan. May your hips never fail you.

140419 Global Chinese Music - EXO-M Overdose Comeback

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Hey yo j-holy yo why do ur avocados grow I love me some avocados mmhmm some aqua retina coloured slimy fruity lookin lemon cheese smellin saucy baby bottom feelin steel metal teethin bright blue spottin raisin cookie chip infested avocados

It’s time to turn the computer off now.

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because i reached a follower count that i had never thought of reaching when i first started this blog, i made a follow forever consisting of the blogs (((and their owners))) that i find awesome and lovely and funny and idk just perfect~~ ur oppas luv u all!!1 (i luv u all too)

also, shout out to my followers!! y’all gon make me cry ;; luv u all 


avelldo avells ayejongdae b2ng baekaid-o baekhyu-n baektastic baekyeols bangdae bangtan-juseyo bangtannoonas baptanhigh blackpeurl blondejongin btob chanyoell chodyeol


d-aehyuns ddeerluhan dimplay dohdoro doksoo dothekaisoo dumbaek dyeomi enjoythehun eskaipism exolutely finalstar flawlesskimkai


ggamjongin greaseu gyuishy gyunamu happyvirus hearteus henguks hersheyjerzey himbulge himechans hoseokz hwajung ilhoon imperyeol j-holy jiminips jiminuwine jiyeolie jjangwoos jongene jongin jonginnies jongins jung-kook junhyng


kadism kaiplushy kaiwaiian kaiwaiisoo kaixes khaenine kirswu krismebaek krisyeol krisyeolu kunpimooked kyungfucius kyung-soo ladmilk  lemonsoo loeyeol lvl21 marktuahns melonhun minifantasy moonjongups mrjongin myungin myungsoos myungthoo


nambrows namjoones namjoonvevo ofjongin oh-luhans oppakai oshzt ot12 papi-dyo peanutbttr pitdae pope-oppa qrishan rapbyun 


saetun sehuna seoula seoulatte seugah seunghyoon shycallgirl soegogi southkoreans strongbabes sugafuck tae-baek telekenesis teleportaatio ultrakeurae


veautifuldae vyonce woojaes wooyoung wufun xehun xehunf xehunter xeuna xiumans xiurror yeahppuda yeollovemebaek younqjae yuu-n z1c zelo zhehun zhongdajin

Powerful thanks my friend!

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do you still make fake subs? :)

Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah

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Yixing in his natural habitat

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I’ve always liked how Kyungsoo and Hyunsik are friends. Because Kyungsoo is all like




While Hyunsik is all like




This is a dynamic I can get behind. They should have some sort of wacky sitcom with a talking animal. 


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Hey cutie, have you seen this? J-Hope+bucket hat predebut being adorable: /post/83074697185/hoseok-wants-the-v-i-wonder-if-hoseok-ever

My God why have I never seen this? This completes me. My aura has expanded. Thank you my dear friend for this gift.


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